Along with the basic Chao, there are many different types of Chao. They are categorized by alignment, stats, and appearance. Keep in mind that each category of Chao can overlap, which means that you can have a Blue Hero Running Chao or a Gold Neutral Power Chao.

When a Chao , it will become either a Hero, Neutral, or Dark Chao depending on how it is treated by which characters. Hero and Dark Chao are absent from Sonic Adventure. (For the Dreamcast)

Since all of the characters in Sonic Adventure DX are heroes , Hero and Dark Chao can only be obtained by feeding them Hero and Dark Fruit, respectively.

Chaos ChaoEdit

To obtain a Chaos chao, you must reincarnate it (it will show a grey cocoon when 'dying' and a pink cocoon when reincarnating) twice and give it each of the twenty-one Small Animals, You can give it more but it must evolve into a Normal Type. You can give it Chaos Drives but again it must be an equal ammount of each so that it will evolve into a Normal Type Chao, meaning it must not evolve into a Fly, Power, Swim or Run, use the Hero and Dark characters to choose your alignment.

Keep in mind that Chaos chao cannot breed, because they are immortal, so choose carefully.

Chao Type by StatsEdit

When Chao evolve, what type of Chao they become depends not only on their alignment, but also what types of food, small animals, and chaos drives they receive.


Running ChaoEdit

Running Chao are Chao that have been given Green Animals and Chaos Drives. When they evolve, their letter grade for Run goes up one.

Neutral/Run/Run Chao and Dark/Run/Run Chao greatly resemble Sonic and Shadow, respectively.

Power ChaoEdit

Power Chao are Chao that have been given Power Type Animals (Gorrilas, tigers, bears etc.) or Red Chaos Drives. When they evolve, their letter grade for Power goes up.(one or more depending on what animal you give it).

Flying ChaoEdit

Flying Chao are Chao that have been given Violet Animals and Chaos Drives. When they evolve, their letter grade for Fly goes up one.

Neutral/Fly/Fly Chao and Dark/Fly/Normal Chao greatly resemble the Sega characters NiGHTS and Reala, respectively.

Swimming ChaoEdit

Swimming Chao are Chao that have been given Yellow Animals and Chaos Drives. When they evolve, their letter grade for Swim goes up one.


Along with alignment and stats, there are also various Chao colors. What color the Chao is doesn't affect anything but appearance. While many of the Chao listed below can be obtained by buying them either in the Black Market or Tiny Chao Garden's shop, there are other methods of obtaining them.

Monotone ChaoEdit

Monotone Chao are Chao that are a single base color which will not change, even if it evolves. These are the Chao that hatch from the eggs available at the Black Market. Here is a list of all the Monotone Chao and their prices at the Black Market:


Blue:500 Rings

Red:500 Rings

Yellow:500 Rings

Orange:600 Rings

Pink:600 Rings

Purple:600 Rings

Sky Blue:800 Rings

Green:800 Rings

Brown:800 Rings

Grey:1000 Rings

Lime:1500 Rings

Black:2000 Rings

Two-Tone ChaoEdit

Two-Tone Chao are unique Chao that can be obtained by breeding a Monotone Chao with a normal Chao (the kind that you get at the start of the game). Unlike Monotone Chao, Two-Tone Chao have a main color with a different color on areas such as their stomach or limbs; for example, a Blue Two-Tone Chao is blue with purple limbs. Normal Chao are also considered Two-Tone since they aren't a solid color. Also, it can sometimes be difficult to tell whether a Chao is Two-Tone or not because they may look like they're only a single color. There is also a chance of getting a Shiny Two-Tone Chao if you breed a Shiny Chao with a normal Chao.

White Two-Tone Chao, often called Blitz or Guardian Chao, look just like normal Chao at first, but depending on what kind of Chao they evolve into, they will look much different. For example, a Dark/Run White Two-Tone Chao will have white stripes instead of green ones.

Shiny ChaoEdit

Shiny Chao are basically shiny versions of Monotone Chao that can be bought at the Black Market. Shiny Chao eggs are ten times the price of their Monotone versions, which means that a Shiny Grey Egg would be 10000 Rings, for example.

If you breed a Shiny Chao with a normal Chao, there is a chance of getting a Shiny normal Chao.

Jewel ChaoEdit

Jewel Chao are the Chao available in the Tiny Chao Garden. They are similar to Shiny Chao, but are somewhat metallic instead of shiny. Other than hacking, the only way to get them in sa2 is to transfer them from another sonic game with them.  Below is a list of all the Jewel Chao and their prices:

Silver:500 Rings

Gold:1000 Rings

Ruby:5000 Rings

Sapphire:7000 Rings

Amethyst:8000 Rings

Emerald:10000 Rings

Garnet:12000 Rings

Aquamarine:14000 Rings

Peridot:16000 Rings

Topaz:18000 Rings

Onyx:20000 Rings

In Sonic Adventure DX, you can obtain a Gold and Silver chao in the overworld.

Transparent ChaoEdit

Transparent Chao are Chao that are completely invisible except for their eyes, wings, emotion ball, and medal (if any). They can be obtained by breeding any Jewel Chao with a Shiny White, Shiny Pink, or Shiny Yellow Chao, or breeding a Sapphire Chao with a Shiny Lime Green Chao.

Translucent ChaoEdit

Translucent chao are chao that are invisible,but not quite. Instead you can see their body parts but they aren't as clear as normal ones. Say I have a grey translucent chao. It will be grey but "fazy". They aren't as clear to see as normal ones. To make these you mate a metallic chao with a shiny chao.

Character ChaoEdit

'Rouge Chao': White Chao Dark Fly 'Cream Chao': Yellow Chao Hero Swim

'Amy Chao''':  Edit

Pink chao using fusions chao editor

Sonic Chao: Normal Chao  Neutral Run/Run

Shadow Chao: Normal Chao  Dark Run/Run

Echidna Chao: Any single colored Chao  Neutral Power/Fly with it's eggshell on it's head

Chaos Zero Chao: Shiny Sky Blue Chao made into a Chaos Neutral Chao (AKA Light Chao)

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