Certain Chao forms were made to represent characters, specifically Sega ones. Some are evolved from normal Chao, and were presumably designed to be similar to the character, while three others, the Tails, Knuckles, and Amy Chao, were made and distributed to be very similar to their respective character, and are unobtainable through traditional evolutionary and breeding means. Certain breeders also attempt to organize Chao to resemble other characters, outside of the specifically designed ones, but will not be listed here.

Unofficial Character ChaoEdit

Official Character Chao Edit

Tails Chao Edit

In Phantasty Star Online you can transfer an official Tails Chao through the Game Boy. A Tails Chao can not die and has all A Ranked Stats. If you transfer it throughout the GBA in the Chao Garden, you will get a certain amount of rings.

Tailz chao

A Legal Uploded Tails Chao

Event ChaoEdit

The Amy and Knuckles Chao were distributed in events in Japan, although the specifics are debated. These events are no longer in existence, and these Chao can no longer be obtained without hacking. These Chao are immortal and can not breed, like the Tails Chao.

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