A child Chao can evolve into many different types of Chao. Chao evolve twice in their lifespan, a process that happens gradually over time. Different factors determine the evolution of a Chao, such as what items it was given and the character used to care for it.

First Evolution Edit


A newborn Chao, a Neutral/Fly Chao right before first evolution, and a Neutral/Fly Chao after first evolution

Once a Chao is born, it will immediately begin the slow process of the first evolution. First evolution is based on the Chao's alignment and what Chaos Drives or Animals were used on the Chao. There are 5 basic first evolutions. Normal, Swim, Fly, Power, and Run, each of each of which can be hero, neutral, or dark. For example, if you take a baby Chao, care for it with a mix of hero and dark characters, and give it 20 Fly Drives, it will become a Neutral/Fly Chao. The first evolution takes around 3 hours to complete, and ends when the Chao forms a cocoon to evolve. Feeding a chao fruit can speed up the process.

Second EvolutionEdit


A Hero/Fly Chao before and after second evolution (End result is Hero/Fly/Fly+Run)

After a Chao has gone through its first evolution, it will progress through second evolution in a similar manner. The Second evolution is completely gradual, lacking a cocoon stage, and takes about 10 hours to complete. Like first evolution, the Chao changes appearance based on the Chaos Drives/Animals it's given, however, there are now 9 possible outcomes: Normal, Swim, Fly, Run, Power, Swim+Run, Swim+Power, Fly+Run, and Fly+Power. For example, if you give a Hero/Fly Chao 40 Fly Drives and 40 Run Drives, it will become a Hero/Fly/Fly+Run.

Chaos Edit


A dark type chaos chao.

Chaos Chao are chao that will never die or grow old. There are three types: Angel (Hero), Light (Neutral), and Devil (Dark).

To create a chaos chao, first choose one of your chao and treat it well to ensure it reincarnates at the end of its life. This is when the chao forms a pink cocoon and turns back into a child chao. Repeat this process until the chao has reincarnated at least twice and has the ability ratings you want (Remember, after the chao becomes a chaos chao, it can no longer reincarnate to increase its ratings). Next, give the chao at least one of every kind of animal. There are 21 animals total; however, your character can only carry 10 at once. To compensate for this, keep a record of what animals you need to find. Finally, use dark and hero characters to choose the chao's alignment.

If you wish, you can give the chao chaos drives without affecting its ability to become a Chaos chao. Just make sure to give them in a balanced ratio, as only normal type chao can become Chaos chao. Finally, abused or unhappy chao cannot evolve into Chaos chao.

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